Me, at 25 years of Age.

Wonderful age of dreams and aspirations. At twenty five we had our Daughter Mia Isabella, who brought new meaning into our lives. Being a mother for the first time is a wonderful adventure, filled with challenges and hope. Mia has grown up to be one hundred times better then we’ve expected. Our Daughter has brought the love, happiness, joy and laughter of our God, into our home. What a blessing she has become.

Me, at 26 years of Age..

Right after giving birth to our daughter, my husband introduced me to the world of business. As l latter found out, some of the skills you are born with, some others you learn and develop. Joined then and there my husband’s efforts of expanding his businesses and learned and cooperated in any way possible, as we saw our world change, as business people, parents & husband and wife. Great times, great memories.

Me, at 27 years of Age..

Work and business world slowed down a bit, as our daughter was getting prepared for her introduction to early education. My husband always said as soon as she walked and talked, she would go to school and get prepared for life. That is how, our two year old daughter, started her early education stage, getting prepared for kindergarten, making sure she would be ready, if not advanced, for the challenge.

Me, at 28 years of Age.

After a year of getting used to leaving our daughter all day at school (surviving the fear), I was getting ready to go back into the business life, helping my husband again in all his plans. Even though out daughter was still pretty young, our desire to form a great future for our family and our daughter, required both of our brains working towards our goals.

Me, at 29 years of Age.

Again, new challenges faced our family, our daughter was getting now prepared for Pre-Kindergarten, and it required, once again, all my attention and dedication. Early years of parenthood seam like everything was happening pretty fast, but fortunately, I had my husband right beside me, helping and supporting our first child and my new motherhood abilities, all the way.

Me, at 30 years of Age.

When the big 30 came, we think it is the end of our youth years, and even though it might be true, our best time in life begins. 30 and ahead is a time of awakening and fortitude. We have learnt enough to realize we made it half way, but are eager and hopeful in what ever is coming for us. To any woman out there I say; do not be afraid, after 30, the best it yet to come.


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