Business Administration Financial Management

Multitasking for 35 years to perfect 1 SINGLE SKILL:
Business Developer • Intelligence & Financial Management

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PGS Multinational Corp.

Formed my the First Company in 1983, and from there on, never stopped
30 Years, 30 Cities & 5 Continents later, i am very happy with the Results.

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Proud of UNI-2 Non Profit International Foundation

20 Years of Non Profit Activities in 4 different Countries,
we now start operations in the 5th country, with a new Community Service Program.

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Welcome to Gustavo Troncoso's Website,
all my personal info, all my Business & Family History.

Special Student Programs

I think it is crucial to pass on our experience to the younger generation following our tracks. Nothing is better than Education.

Work around the Clock

My Experience is; if you want to make it, in this world, wake up earlier, go to bed later, than everyone else you know.

Public Speaker

30 Years of addressing the Public, Customers and Negociators, all over the world. Correct expression, is a valuable tool, in our Lives

Global Multi-Tasking

30 Years of International Experience, with a hand-to-hand ability to Muilt-Task, otherwise, would have never made, the First Round.

Mayor Accomplishments

My Beautiful close Family

My Wife, my Confident, my Best Friend!

Having success in business has a lot to do with having a great partner at home. For many years, our family has gone thru great moments and some hard ones. The important thing is to have a constant companion that never gives up, always encourages you and supports your efforts.


My Parents, my Example, my Mentors!

I was immensely blesses to have had parents like the ones God gave me. Italian background with a very strong family values and respect for others. Dad always taught by example; Mom always there, at the exact time, place and attitude, we all needed so desperately.

(GrandPa & GrandMa)

My last Daughter, my Final Investment!

My youngest Daughter (part of my four kid family) has been a constant cheerleader and high spirit oriented individual, since her early awakening. Always laughing, always happy, always optimistic and full of God and Faith. What a great example for our lives.


VIP Transport Business

Absolutely Private Transportation.

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Mass Transport Business

There will be a new system of Mass Transportation that puts the Customer First, The Driver Second, and the Company Third; just wait and see.

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